JamieMonday signaled the beginning of the Bruins’ preseason schedule, which means the actual hockey season is just around the corner. That also means hockey on NESN is on its way as well.

That got started in a big way Monday as the Back in Black and Gold Tour kicked off, starting a frantic four-day, five-state expedition. NESN’s Bruins TV crew — Jack Edwards, Andy Brickley and Jamie Erdahl — will be heading all over New England to get B’s fans ready for the upcoming 2013-14 season.

The tour began bright and early Monday morning when the NESN crew hit up TD Garden and North Station to greet commuters, hand out T-shirts and talk a little puck. From there, it was a quick ride down to Rhode Island for a radio interview with The Paul and Al Show on WHYJ in Providence. Also included was a trip to the Hasbro Children’s Hospital and a meet-and-greet at the COX New England headquarters in Warwick before wrapping up the day with a stop at the Warwick Mall.

Day 2 begins bright and early Tuesday in Hartford. See all of the Back in Black and Gold tour stops by clicking here.

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