Canadian Woman Wins First Marathon by Accident, Qualifies for 2014 Boston Marathon as Result


Meredith FitzmauriceMeredith Fitzmaurice began Sunday’s Run for Heroes Half Marathon in Ontario as a way to prepare for the Detroit Marathon in October. Her ultimate goal was to qualify for the 2014 Boston Marathon.

She accomplished the mission, but in the most unusual way.

Instead of completing the half-marathon that she came to race, Fitzmaurice mistakenly detoured away from it and started running on the full marathon trail by taking a wrong turn, according to the Ottawa Sun.

When she learned from a race official that her mistake would not disqualify her from earning a spot in next year’s Boston Marathon, Fitzmaurice made a strong push toward the finish line and led all women with an impressive time of 3:11:48.

“I had only ever run 20 miles, but I think at that point the adrenalin just pulled me through,” she told the newspaper. “I just kept thinking you can do this, just get it done. The last couple miles were really tough.”

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The end of an era.


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