College football players around the country organized something of a protest against the NCAA on Saturday.

Players from Georgia Tech, Northwestern, Georgia and a few other Division-I schools stood up against the NCAA’s hypocritical licensing policies on Saturday, sporting “APU” on their equipment as a show of solidarity. The three-letter acronym stands for “All Players United,” which is an effort coordinated by the National Collegiate Players Association.

NCPA director Ramogi Huma explained the effort as a “show of unity” from the players and added that they expect more players to join in the coming weeks.

“They came up with a way they felt comfortable to show unity,” Huma said. “This is an effort, this is a call for players of all sports, anyone who supports players pursuit of basic protections.”

The protest is to advocate for better health and safety standards for NCAA players and to support former UCLA basketball player Ed O’Bannon‘s ongoing licensing lawsuit against the NCAA, according to USA Today. On top of supporting the O’Bannon and concussion lawsuits facing the NCAA, APU is also looking to direct a portion of the NCAA’s more than $1 billion in TV revenue to help injured players with their schooling and medical bills.

Georgia Tech quarterback Vlad Lee and Northwestern quarterback Kain Coulter were two of the players to sport the “APU” slogan on their equipment on Saturday, both choosing to write the letters on their wristbands. Check out photos of both players below.

Vlad Lee

Photos via Twitter/@USWPolitical and Twitter/@Steveandress

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