John BoyettIn a case of name-dropping the wrong way, rookie safety John Boyett is paying for a Labor Day stiff arm and arrest.

Boyett, who was drafted by the Colts in the sixth round out of the University of Oregon, was arrested early Monday morning on an assortment of charges, including disorderly conduct and public intoxication, according to The Indianapolis Star. But the move that may have doomed Boyett most of all was when he was approached by officers and started putting one too many football moves on the guys in blue.

Boyett stiff-armed an officer, threatened the police and told the cops they couldn’t arrest him because he was “a Colts player,” according to the report.

Arrest him they did, and now released him the Colts have. The club announced the move Tuesday morning.

Boyett  was on the non-football injury list with knee problems before the arrest. Those problems are a little more complicated now.

Photo via Twitter/rjliggett_7