Jonny Gomes Says His Kids Confuse Him With Mike Napoli Because of Players’ Beards


Jonny GomesFacial hair is one of the focal points for this year’s Red Sox team (following winning baseball games, of course), and that has led to some interesting looks. Not only has growing out the whiskers brought the team closer together, but it’s also made it somewhat difficult to tell them apart.

The main culprits in that situation are outfielder Jonny Gomes and first baseman Mike Napoli. As they continue to do their best Duck Dynasty impressions, they have seen their beards reach pretty remarkable lengths. Gomes and Napoli kind of look alike without facial hair, and now that they have matching beards, they’ve begun to look more and more like twins.

“And yes, I am aware everyone thinks me and Napoli are twins,” Napoli said while pinch-hitting for Will Middlebrooks on an diary. “If you’re looking for a difference between us, I’m an outfielder and he’s an infielder. It kind of happened on accident.”

It’s gotten so uncanny, Gomes says, that his children struggle to tell him and Napoli apart when watching on TV.

“My kids think Daddy is on TV when he’s hitting,” he said. “Even my kids are getting tricked. Since we have been kind of blending together, we keep running with it. We purposely sit next to each other and get our haircuts together so we look trim. We’ve definitely been having fun with it. ”

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