Kevin Durant is right, but that fact will surely get lost in a brewing war of words between him and Heat guard Dwyane Wade.

Durant drew Wade’s ire when the Oklahoma City Thunder star claimed his former teammate, James Harden, should be in the top 10 of Sports Illustrated’s list of the best NBA players. Harden came in at No. 11, and Durant argued that Harden should move into the top 10, replacing Wade.

Wade — who is still a very, very, very, very good player, but hasn’t been consistently “great” in the last two years — took offense and responded in the most passive-aggressive manner possible: on Instagram.

Durant did not defend his mostly innocuous (and accurate) comment. He did respond to Wade, however, in an even more passive-aggressive way on Twitter. Durant did not use Wade’s name, but it was obvious to whom he was referring.

Yes, Wade has three NBA championship rings, three more than Harden or Durant, and he has hoisted the Larry O’Brien Trophy the last two years. But SI was not ranking the players with the greatest legacies. It was ranking the best players right now, and at this very moment Harden is a superior player to Wade, fanboys’ opinions aside.