There’s something a little weird going on with Landon Donovan‘s eye. That’s not to be mean or anything, that’s just stating the facts.

Donovan was battling an eye infection Tuesday night, but he didn’t let it get to him. The Team USA veteran helped propel his team to a 2-0 win over Mexico as the Americans ended up clinching a World Cup berth when it was all said and done. Perhaps there was some form of intimidation — or opposing fear — generated by the Mexicans simply looking at Donovan’s eye.

It sure didn’t look very good.

Donovan’s eye infection quickly became the talk of the Internet (naturally, there are already Twitter accounts) on Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning. That also included one very, very awesome Wayne’s World joke.

If you look below, you can certainly see why.


Photo via Twitter/@DanSudkamp

The eye didn’t keep Donovan from celebrating with his team after, though. The Americans eventually launched into a champagne celebration that also featured a whole lot of Bud Light. Well, some Bud Light, as Donovan showed by attempting to take a large gulp of beer.


GIF via Twitter/@dhm

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It might be disgustingly hot outside, but training camp opens in Boston and across the league Wednesday.


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They’re all about fun in Southern Florida, apparently.

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