Milwaukee Bucks’ New Court Features Giant ‘M’ Designs That Have Some People Confused (Photo)


Double meanings and hidden shapes may be a good thing in art, but they’re probably not the best idea when it comes to sporting events, when the goal is to not draw attention away from the game.

Milwaukee Bucks fans planning to watch an overhead view of their team may need to do some scrutinizing when the new court design the team previewed Tuesday goes live. The Bucks’ new layout immediately had some people scratching their heads.

Gone is the giant team logo in the center of the floor. That’s been replaced by a green buck’s head. The inside of the court is also rid of any red trim, leaving that for the “Milwaukee” lettering at either end.

But the part of the design that has most people confused is what appears to be a big diamond that goes around the buck’s head in the middle of the court and stretches down to the paint on each end. It seems very out of place and neither here nor there — if viewers only see a diamond, that is. The shape is actually supposed to be part of two large Ms on either side of the court, a shout-out to an earlier era of Milwaukee basketball, when the court used a similar design.

Many Bucks fans will likely have to do a double-take when the minimalist-yet-complex design becomes the new normal this season.

Check out the look in the photo below, with a view of the throwback court below that.


Photo via Twitter/@Bucks


Photo via Twitter/@AschNBA

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