Red Sox Celebrate Division Title With Champagne, Ski Goggles at Fenway Park (Photos)


david ortizThe Red Sox were subdued after clinching a playoff berth Thursday night, instead deciding to save the celebration until after they locked up the American League East.

They did just that with a 6-3 win over Toronto on Friday, and the party that ensued did not disappoint.

The Red Sox broke out the beverages, ski goggles and — in Jonny Gomes‘ case — army helmet as they celebrated their first division title since 2007. What began in the plastic-covered clubhouse quickly spilled back onto the field, as the players shared the moment with the hundreds of fans who stayed for nearly an hour after the final out.

The Sox still have some work to do if they want to sew up the best record in the AL, but for one night, they were content to just enjoy themselves.

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Photo via Twitter/@BGlobeSports

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