Report: Detroit Tigers Fire Singing Hot Dog Vendor Because He Refused to Put Ketchup on Hot Dogs


Singing Hot Dog Man spotlightWe wonder if this hot dog vendor could file a wrongful termination lawsuit.

As many stadiums do, Comerica Park had a notorious food vendor who had made a name for himself by singing opera while hawking hot dogs. We say “had,” because that hot dog vendor, Charley Marcuse, was fired last week by SportService, the company that runs Comerica Park’s concessions. The alleged reason for that firing is just now coming to light, thanks to the Detroit news, and it wasn’t because of Marcuse’s singing.

“There are rumblings the real reason was ketchup — or Marcuse’s disdain for it. Marcuse, at the ballpark and on Twitter, has been a strong crusader for only putting mustard on a frank. And some fans thought he got combative when they asked for ketchup. There were complaints filed.”

Marcuse wasn’t specific when asked about the company’s reason for firing him, though.

“It was general employee conduct,” he said, relaying the reason he was given. “I’ve vended the same way for the past 15 years, so there’s nothing new to any of this.”

Marcuse might be better off getting a hot dog vending job in Chicago, where people are shamed for their use of ketchup.

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