Martina HingisEmbarrassing, public downfalls aren’t new for sports stars, and neither is those stars trying to cover their tracks. Add former world No. 1 tennis star Martina Hingis‘ name to the list of famous athletes making missteps — again.

Hingis, who was previously accused by her estranged husband of cheating on him twice, attacked him Thursday with her mother, according to Swedish news site Blick. took the time to put everything into Google translate and make sense of it, and since the Swedish quote doesn’t translate exactly into English, here’s a rough breakdown of what happened.

Hingis and her husband, Thibault Hutin,¬†appeared to be having a verbal argument when the doorbell rang. Hutin answered the door to find his mother-in-law, Melanie Molitor, in the doorway. Hutin said Molitor “pounced on me, beat me, and scratched,” before her boyfriend showed up. What happens next is unclear, but it appears Molitor’s boyfriend, Mario Widmer, smashed a DVD player over Hutin’s head before throwing him out the window headfirst. Hutin returned to the house to find his passport and credit cards were missing and immediately went to the police station. Police then went back to the house, where the three alleged assailants were for some reason still present, and forced them to return the passport and credit cards, according to the report.

The report continues with the following: “Then Hutins increased voice. ‘Last time I did receive an SMS with a threat to send me Russians on the neck. I do not like more white.'”

It looks as though Hutin is claiming Hingis sent Russian hit men to kill her husband, begging the question of why she simply doesn’t divorce him if she’s not happy with him.

Hingis, who started a comeback this summer, withdrew from the Pan Pacific Open in Tokyo earlier this week, citing personal reasons.

Photo via Facebook/Martina Hingis