Report: Team Canada Hockey May Have Black Alternate Jersey for Winter Olympics (Photo)


This whole Olympic hockey sweater thing isn’t going so hot, and some Internet rumors indicate more disappointment may be on the way for hockey fans who like sweaters that aren’t incredibly ridiculous.

The Team USA kit and a suspected Canadian jersey have taken their fair share of flak so far this summer as they have been released or supposedly leaked in advance of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Now, it appears that Team Canada may not be done with the odd jersey game.

It all started when Team Canada goalie hopeful Roberto Luongo was asked about the supposed Canadian sweater. He wouldn’t comment directly on that jersey itself, but he did admit that the Canadians would have three jerseys for competition.

With that in mind, a report surfaced Saturday on, probably the best hockey uniforms/logos blog on the worldwide Web. According to Icethetics, the third Canadian sweater may actually be black.

The website credited “a secondhand source” that indicated the sweaters would be black. One of the website’s contributors then put together a potential concept given the source’s details, and that concept did “an excellent job bringing it to life.”

Nothing is official at all yet, but it’s fun to at least wonder what could be coming, if anything. See the Icethetics concept below.

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