Rex Ryan Not Thrilled About Jets Ejections, Says ‘Apparently Our Team Was the Only One Involved In’ Fight With Patriots


Rex RyanRain was falling and fur was flying Thursday night in Foxboro, but when the dust settled on the late-game fight that broke out after Aqib Talib‘s fourth-quarter interception, the only two players sent off the field belonged to the team coached by Rex Ryan.

Ryan didn’t point fingers after the game but gave some idea what he thought of the ejections of D’Brickashaw Ferguson and Willie Colon.

“Well, I think [Nick] Mangold tried to make a tackle, is what I think happened,” Ryan said when asked about the ejections. “And does, he goes, and tried to take the guy. And you know, I think what happened is Nick went down, the guy turned his back, he ran into the back of his legs and wasn’t intentional, by any means. He just tried to make a cut tackle.”

Ryan’s final phrase revealed his feelings on the scrum that ensued next — a fight filled with dozens of players, from both teams.

“And he went out of bounds and then all heck broke loose apparently and our team was the only one involved in it,” Ryan said.

The game was decided at that point, although there was a lengthy delay as the penalty yards were dished out and Ferguson and Colon were both told to leave the field.

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