Rice Kicker Shows Off Fancy Footwork, Executes Incredible Onside Kick Against Houston (Video)


Houston was ready for Rice’s onside kick attempt, but they weren’t prepared for the Owls kicker’s fancy footwork.

Chris Boswell was called on for the onside kick during the fourth quarter with the Owls trailing by five and just over two minutes to play. Boswell added some style to the kick, however, as he planted his left leg and then wrapped his kicking leg around it to complete the play.

The little bit of trickery worked for the Owls, and confused the Houston hands team just enough to ensure that wide receiver Klein Kubiak recovered the kick for Rice. The play earned them style points, but as for points that actually matter, the Owls couldn’t capitalize on the play and they went on to lose 31-26.

Check out Boswell’s nifty footwork in the GIF below, courtesy of BuzzFeed Sports, and the video of the entire play, as well.


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