Rick Neuheisel has been flaunting his skills on the football field for years as a player and coach, but on Monday morning, the Pac-12 Network analyst revealed some musical talents he had been hiding.

Neuheisel called into the Dan Patrick Show, ready to talk about one of college football’s hottest topics: Johnny Manziel. But instead of talking about the Texas A&M quarterback, Neuheisel opted to sing about him. With new lyrics to Marty Robbins‘ classic country-western song, “El Paso,” Neuheisel paid a sort of tribute to Johnny Football.

From his off-field transgressions to his NCAA autograph scandal to his most recent loss to Alabama on Saturday, Neuheisel captured all of Manziel’s many sides.

Check out the soon to be No. 1 hit that begins with, “Out in the badlands they call College Station, lived a young Aggie named Johnny Manziel. Football and life to him were a bull ride, he rode them both like a bat out of hell,” below.

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