Ivan Fears, Rob GronkowskiFOXBORO, Mass. — If Rob Gronkowski‘s demeanor has any relation to his health, then the All-Pro tight end is feeling great.

Gronkowski was all smiles on Wednesday when he met with the media. The tight end is still trying to get into football shape after having multiple surgeries on his forearm and back over the offseason.

“That’s part of the whole rehab process,” Gronkowski said about adding strength. “It’s not just rehabbing your arm and the back. I took off my whole body for about a couple months. So, you got to get everything going again, all muscles firing again and all parts of your body. That’s a big process, getting back in shape — running shape, football shape and getting your strength back. I’ve just been working on that the last few weeks, also.”

Gronkowski said he didn’t lose any weight while he was rehabbing. He did look noticeably skinnier during training camp, though. Gronkowski is listed at 265 pounds.

“I don’t really lose weight,” Gronkowski said. “I can look skinny and still be the same amount of weight. It goes by skinny or looking jacked. So I was skinny back a few months.”

Gronkowski told reporters they would have to determine if he was looking “jacked” when he gets back on the field. He said he was “day by day getting bigger.”

On Monday, Bill Belichick was asked multiple times whether Gronkowski could have played Sunday. Every time, the head coach answered, “He was inactive.” Gronkowski had the same answer when asked if he could have played against the Buccaneers. Gronkowski proudly delivered his with a smile, though.

Gronkowski typically avoids answering questions about his health by saying he’s “day by day.” He was asked if Danny Amendola had looked to the tight end for any pointers for answering questions about injuries.

“Yeah, I give him all the tips,” Gronkowski said with a smirk. “Day by day.”

The tight end went from doubtful to inactive before the Buccaneers game. He said he had no idea what goes into that decision.

“I don’t even know,” Gronkowski said. “I don’t know how that works. I mean, I’m still wondering how that works. Doubtful, questionable, so, I mean, I guess, uh, like I said, I’ve been improving every week. So, whoever makes that call must have seen some good improvement to put me from doubtful to questionable.”

Gronkowski is expected to be back any week now. He’s been practicing for weeks and appears back to his old “jacked” self.

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