While Barry Bonds continues to be vilified and Mark McGwire is supposedly qualified to be allowed back into a big league clubhouse, Sammy Sosa has just kind of been forgotten.

Sosa, the third head of the late-1990s hydra of steroid-shooting sluggers, has mostly stayed out of the public eye since his retirement in 2007. Major League Baseball is in no hurry to welcome him back into its own promotions, either, so Sosa’s public appearances have mostly been confined to Latin music festivals or other events where the hosts are willing to look the other way from Sosa’s apparent use of performance-enhancing drugs.

When Sosa has turned up, he has been barely recognizable. Since at least 2009, Sosa has experimented with “skin conditioning” procedures that leave him looking far lighter than in his playing days. He and his since-discredited 609 home runs reappeared this week looking downright vampiric.

Check out Sosa in the tweet below.