Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Says He Hates the Redskins, Roots for Dallas


scaliaSupreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia may not be hanging out with Robert Griffin III any time soon.

The longest-serving justice on the Court is no stranger to controversy, and he may have stirred some up while giving a speech in Houston on Friday. According to the Houston Chronicle, Scalia was taking questions from the audience when one attendee asked him if he was a Redskins fan.

“I’m not really much of a football fan,” Scalia said. “To the extent I am, I hate the Redskins. In fact, I always root for Dallas.”

On the very next question, Scalia was asked how he would “handle Syria,” and he was able to answer without offending his hometown’s football team.

“Naw, I shouldn’t talk about that. I have strong views on it, though.”

Photo via Twitter/@judgejeffbrown

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