Viktor Fasth Will Wear Awesome Mighty Ducks Face Mask to Honor Franchise’s 20th Anniversary (Photo)


The quack attack is back, Jack.

The Anaheim Ducks will pay homage to their roots when they celebrate their franchise’s 20th anniversary this season. The team announced that the players will wear commemorative patches on their sweaters all season, and Ducks goalie Viktor Fasth is getting in the throwback spirit with his new face mask art.

The mask features the classic purple and teal color scheme of the original Mighty Ducks, and it was designed by Dave Gunnarsson as a tribute to the Mighty Ducks’ first goalie, Guy Herbert.

“On a distance it is a classic old school design, and when you come closer you will discover all the details and the mask enters a new dimension with all the DAVEART trademarks effects,” Gunnarsson said on his Facebook page (via Puck Daddy). “Among the details you will find the Duck years, Hebert’s player number and much more.”

Gunnarsson said the mask was made to look like it had traveled through time 20 years as it has scratches and scuff marks along with “rust” around the screws.

“It’s like Viktor found this 20 years [sic] old mask in the attic and just dusted it a bit and started to play,” Gunnarsson said.

Check out the epic throwback mask in the photos below.

Mighty Ducks Viktor Fasth

Photo via Facebook/

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