Redskins fans thought for sure that their fortunes were changing in 2012, when the arrival of Robert Griffin III ushered in a 10-6 season and a playoff berth, the first winning season and playoff appearance since 2007.

Just three games into the 2013 campaign, though, Washington supporters are already doubting the ability of the team and sinking into the doldrums — and the local business community is there to help.

A CVS in Harrisonburg, Va., had a clever sign up this week as the Redskins fell to 0-3 on the season. The CVS advertised tissues at 99 cents a pop, with the hook that fans should “stock up in case the Redskins don’t improve.” It’s hard to argue with that reasoning.

Check out the poke in the photo below.


Photo via Twitter/@ScooterMcGooch