Brandon Jacobs Responds to Twitter Death Threats, Calls Fantasy Football a ‘Huge Problem’


Brandon JacobsThe Giants just cannot catch a break.

New York’s 23-7 victory over the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night was the G-men’s first of the season, though it came with veteran running back Brandon Jacobs on the sidelines with a hamstring injury. Jacobs’ day of rest set one fantasy football owner off, however, and he made the incredibly dumb move to take his thoughts to Twitter.

User @DMMeBoo tweeted a series of death threats toward Jacobs and his family, including his fantasy football demands for a 50-yard, two-touchdown night. The account has since been deleted, but Jacobs took a screenshot of the offending messages (warning: not safe for work language) and tweeted it to his followers.

Jacobs has more or less brushed off any serious implications of the threats, calling the tweets “just a kid being dumb,” the New York Daily News reports.

“When you say stuff like that and think it’s a joke, it’s a problem,” he said. “It’s a good thing he was where he was at that time.”

This comes on the heels of a recent wave of fan resentment toward Houston quarterback Matt Schaub, which culminated in a fan taking pictures of the quarterback’s house. Jacobs places most of the blame on fantasy football, which he calls a “huge problem.”

“You sit down to eat at a restaurant and people say, ‘Hey you, I got you on my fantasy team, you gotta do something for me.’ Come on, I’m trying to enjoy my dinner.

“Players don’t want to hear anything about fantasy football,” he added. “We’re not living fantasy football. As far as anything else, we don’t owe anybody.”

Here’s an idea — as punishment, force the offending tweeter to watch the rest of the Giants’ torturous regular season.

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