Brett Favre Says Tom Brady Having His Most Impressive Season Despite Not Having ‘Tom Brady-Like’ Stats


Brett Favre knows a thing or two about a thing or two about having a good NFL season. The future Hall of Famer played almost 20 full seasons in the league going to 11 Pro Bowls and (finally) retiring as one of the best signal-callers the game has seen.

He also saw some frustrating seasons, especially in Green Bay, where the team was in a state of transition at times. Ironically, it was a state of transition that led to Favre’s messy divorce with the Packers, but that’s for another day. The point is, is that Favre can relate to what a player like Tom Brady is going through this season, so when Favre says this is Brady’s most impressive season to date, you kind of have to listen.

That’s exactly what Favre said Sunday on the NFL Network’s pregame show as the 44-year-old took a break from retirement to check in. He’s been incredibly impressed with Brady this season and what the Patriots quarterback has been able to do with the supporting cast he’s been handed.

“In my opinion, by far, it’s the most impressive performance, in any season, that Tom [Brady] has had,” Favre told the NFL GameDay Morning crew on Sunday. “I know the numbers are not Tom Brady-like numbers. … But I think it’s a testament to how good he really is.

“Based on the situation, the cast he has around him, the fact that he’s more of a player-coach, which is always tough — you’re coaching, you’re teaching at the line, getting guys lined up … I think it’s a testament to how good he really is.”

It’s looking highly unlikely that Brady is going to lead the league in any sort of passing statistics this season. But with a group of receivers that features rookies and banged-up veterans, the quarterback has the Patriots sitting at 5-2 after a loss to the Jets on Sunday. They’re doing it on the fly, which is all thanks to Brady, according to Favre.

“You play long enough, you see just about everything. The new guys come in and just getting lined up and little nuances about how you play, it kind of wears on you a little bit to have to teach a new group and they’re not thinking what you’re thinking — understandably so — you’re doing it on the fly when you have to win games.

“Again, it says a lot about Tom Brady. That team wouldn’t be near as good without Tom. Regardless of who they have, but more so at a time like now.”

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