Brooklyn Nets Mascot Gets Ball Stuck in Shot Clock During Failed Trampoline Dunk (Video)


Talk about a sophomore slump.

Preseason serves many purposes, depending on a player’s status in the NBA. For some, it’s a time to prove your worth and steal a final roster spot. Others work on chemistry with new teammates, adding a new post move to their arsenal, reconditioning themselves into game shape, etc. While this preseason checklist is by no means exhaustive, typically the “do something no one has ever seen before” box is left unchecked and reserved for All-Star Weekend or a superstar, a la LeBron James, taking over a game.

BrooklyKnight apparently missed that memo and just steered the preseason into uncharted waters.

Entering his second year in the league, the Nets mascot decided to entertain fans during Tuesday night’s exhibition against the Celtics with a dunk show that required midseason form to complete. Spectators were wowed by the sophomore’s athleticism but speechless when the attempt was over.

BrooklynKnight gathered for his dunk in typical mascot fashion — traveling all the way from half-court before flying high above the rim for throwing down some sort of McTwist tomahawk slam-a-rama dunk. Before he could throw down the rock, however, the ball slipped from the caped crusader’s grip and lodged itself in the part of the rim that supports the shot clock. Officials were so shocked that no one even had a solution for dislodging the ball, so it stayed there for the remainder of the game.

Then again, maybe no one cared because it’s the preseason. It’s a toss-up.

Regardless, the feat was impressive. Check out photos and video of the epic (but still really cool) fail below.


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