Cameraman’s Leg Fails Him As He Tries to Get Up, Causes Him to Lurch Around Court During Pacers-Bulls Game (Video)

by NESN Staff

October 9, 2013

NBA players are not the only people still trying to get their game legs.

A cameraman at a Pacers-Bulls game recently found himself on the other side of the lens in embarrassing fashion after he hopped up to film a spot — and found out one of his legs wasn’t working. Ah, the old fall-asleep-while-you’re-sitting routine.

The cameraman gave it his all, shaking the numb limb the best he could, but he only succeeded at making himself look like some kind of wounded animal as he closed in for the killer shot. (Also on notice: whoever took the video vertically.)

Check out the photog’s crummy day in the video below, with a hat tip to SB Nation.

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