Cincinnati’s 90-Yard Interception Return Results in Fumble Near End Zone, Touchback (Video)


Cincinnati won big on Saturday afternoon, defeating Connecticut by a score of 41-16. The Bearcats could’ve put up even bigger numbers, however, if it weren’t for one of the most bizarre plays in college football this season.

During the fourth quarter, Cincinnati’s Aaron Brown picked off a UConn pass from his own 5-yard line. Brown charged down the field, with a sure-thing touchdown on his mind, but Deshon Foxx of the Huskies made sure he didn’t make it into the end zone.

The wide receiver’s hustle was rewarded, as he caught up to Brown just before the goal line, and was able to trip him up, forcing him to cough up the ball in the process. No one on either team was able to corral the ball as it tumbled through the end zone, eventually resulting in a touchback and Connecticut ball at its own 25-yard line.

Check out the strange sequence of events in the video below.

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