Dez Bryant Flips Out on Cowboys’ Sidelines, Gets in Tony Romo’s Face (GIF)


Dez  Bryant claimed that he was as good as Calvin Johnson ahead of this weekend’s game, but his performance on Sunday didn’t do much to prove that notion early on. And he was none too happy about it, either.

Aside from an impressive touchdown in the first half, which saw him go over the top of two Lions defenders to reel in a score, Bryant didn’t do much through the first three quarters and he let his quarterback and offensive coaches know about it.

After another stalled Cowboys drive on Sunday, Bryant went fuming back to the sidelines, seeking out any and all parties to expel his frustrations onto. Bryant laid into offensive coordinator Bill Callahan first and eventually made his way over to Tony Romo to give the quarterback a piece of his mind. He eventually caught a 50-yard touchdown pass two drives later, which probably cooled him off quite a bit.

Watch Bryant’s sideline freak out in the GIF below.

Dez Bryant

Credit to BuzzFeed Sports

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