Dolphins Mascot Mistakenly Celebrates After Miami Misses Game-Tying Field Goal (GIF)


It was pretty clear from the time it left his foot that Dolphins kicker Caleb Sturgis‘ 57-yard field goal try in the closing seconds of a 26-23 loss to Baltimore on Sunday did not have a chance. Miami’s mascot was a little late to the party, though.

As the potential game-tying boot sailed wide left, the giant Dolphin wearing football pants raised his fins triumphantly toward the sky before seeing the referee’s signal and realizing he had made a fool of himself.

It was embarrassing, sure, but we’re willing to give T.D. the benefit of the doubt here. That Dolphin head doesn’t look like it offers a whole lot in terms of visibility.

Check out the unfortunate celebration in GIF form below, courtesy of SB Nation.

dolphins mascot

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