When you look up the definition of “baseball player,” Dustin Pedroia isn’t there smiling at you — he’s making another incredible play.

Pedroia robbed Austin Jackson of a hit during the third inning of Sunday’s ALCS Game 2, diving into the outfield on a ball that looked like it was headed for right fielder Shane Victorino.

As soon as Pedroia finished getting up and firing out Jackson at first, FOX announcers Joe Buck and Tim McCarver began singing the 5-foot-9 second baseman’s praises. Among other compliments, the pair called Pedroia one of the “grittiest” players in baseball, the biggest “gamer” in the league and unparalleled in the game when it comes to his approach.

Lost in Pedroia’s praises was the phenomenal stretch at first by Mike Carp.

Check out the terrific play below.

pedroia snag

GIF via Twitter/BuzzFeedSports