ESPN Promises ‘All Day’ Brett Favre Coverage Despite World Series, 44-Year-Old Quarterback Declining Rams Offer


Brett FavreThe Rams, who have lost Sam Bradford to injury for the rest of the season, have called Brett Favre and asked him if he’s willing to consider playing football again.

This is big news. Favre, 44, is a football legend, and he can’t ever be counted out when it comes to returning. His last few flip-flops, before the Packers finally pulled the plug and Favre instead finished his career with the Jets and the Vikings, produced a ridiculous amount of news coverage, purportedly because people were willing to pay attention to that news coverage.

Favre has declined the Rams’ offer, seeing as he’s, well, 44, and several years out of the league (the end wasn’t pretty, for as far as he can still throw a football).

But that doesn’t mean ESPN and Adam Schefter are off the case.

Schefter, who first broke the news early Thursday morning, really enjoyed writing the story and promising that more — more on Favre being asked and declining, mind you — would be on ESPN “all day.”

Schefter rolled out his story with a bad pun: “[The Rams asked Favre if he’d] be willing to leave his farm to plow through the back half of the Rams’ schedule.” He then passed on a rad Internet cliché: “One source familiar with the Rams’ conversations said that, if Favre took them up on their interest, ‘It could break Twitter.'”

The story also includes details about how Favre has said before that he’s completely, officially, retired and now wants to spend time with his family instead.

But ESPN will not be deterred. The network has jumped in on Schefter’s promise of “all day” coverage — of Favre saying no — including a heavy amount of chatter despite there being a couple of other sports stories floating around, like some baseball that happened Wednesday night (and will continue Thursday night).

For at least one more day, at least, the sports world will get to ask its proverbial chicken-and-egg question: Do stories about Brett Favre exist because people care about Brett Favre, or because ESPN thinks that people care about Brett Favre?

At least Schefter is on the case.

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