Red Sox fans, Cardinals fan, jokesters or not — no one comes out of this situation looking good.

Baseball took a break from the World Series on Sunday night to honor the Stand Up to Cancer program, with everyone from players to fans being given cards they could fill out with people’s names to say who they were supporting in their cancer fight. Well, that was apparently an open invitation for poor behavior, as one fan couldn’t restrain herself and decided to make light of the moment by writing “Molina” on the card (a reference to Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina) and waving it around.

Her gesture came just after the camera cut from someone holding up a card that said “Mom,” and she and a Red Sox fan standing next to her had a good chuckle about it.

Deadspin reports that the social miscreant is a former contestant on The Bachelor and that she may even be a Cardinals fan. Whatever the truth, there’s no excuse that keeps this from being in poor taste.

Check it out in the photo below.

Stand Up to Cancer

Photo via Twitter/@DSfry67

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