troyEveryone has said something at some point in their lives that they instantly regret. It would seem that’s what Dexter Manley did Monday morning.

The former Washington Redskins defensive end was speaking on a radio show in Washington, D.C. when he said something pretty inappropriate. While Manley would eventually apologize, he wasn’t totally sorry because his target was a Cowboys fan.

Manley’s appearance on WTOP in Washington took a turn for the worst when he labeled former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and current FOX football analyst Troy Aikman “queer” in midst of the interview. One of the hosts asked if the Redskins were jinxed by having Aikman calling the Washington game on Sunday. Manley’s response was inexplicable.

“I think Troy Aikman’s a queer,” Manley answered.

The WTOP hosts quickly jumped all over it essentially begging Manley to take it back.

“OK, I’m sorry about that,” Manley said. He was then asked if he’d like to apologize to Aikman.

“I’ll just say I take that back. Since he’s a Cowboy fan … ”

Unsurprisingly, the interview ended seconds later.

Hear the disheartening exchange in the audio clip below (via Awful Announcing), with the slur coming at 3:20.

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Photo via Twitter/@BFerguson7News