Fists came dangerously close to flying on pit row after Sunday’s Sprint Cup race at Martinsville.

Greg Biffle had been bumped from behind by Jimmie Johnson earlier in the race, forcing him to stop for repairs, and he confronted his fellow driver about the maneuver during Johnson’s postrace interview.

USA Today has the full breakdown of the altercation:

“Hey, you [expletive] ripped off my rear bumper, you [expletive],” Biffle said, enraged. “You [expletive] ran into the back of me!”

Johnson protested and said he had position on Biffle, who pointed his finger at the five-time champion and told him to “watch it.”

Biffle, who finished ninth, started to walk away as a NASCAR official got between them, but Johnson grabbed his arm. “If you want to talk about it, we can talk about it,” he said.

“We just did,” Biffle said. “[Expletive], man! I had to go all the way to the back.”

Johnson, who acknowledged making contact with Biffle’s car but insisted it was not intentional, placed his hand of Biffle’s chest, and the two were separated before the incident escalated any further.

“We made contact, but I couldn’t understand why he was down here pulling on my collar like he just did,” Johnson said. “We’ll get it sorted out.”

See an angry Biffle grab Johnson by the neck in the video below.