Jeremy Lin Says He Misses Junk Food, ‘Going to Multiple Fast Food Places in One Night’


Jeremy LinThe life of an NBA star is rough. There’s all that working out, all that practicing and all that eating right.

It’s the eating right that seems to be bothering Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin the most. He talked about his former eating habits in a question-and-answer session on Quora recently, and he seemed a little bummed about the fuel he’s putting in his body to play at an elite level these days.

“My diet consists of healthy carbs, proteins, veggies and fruits,” he said. “For carbs I like to eat pasta, couscous and rice. All the meats I eat have to be lean and healthy like fish, chicken and steak. Every once in a while I’ll treat myself to a very unhealthy meal which usually consists of going to multiple fast food places in one night.

“My biggest no-nos are fried food, candy and soda. I’m a big snacker, so it’s hard to give up my normal snacking habits. If I could pick, I would always drink soda, eat gummy candies and devour huge bags of chips. My snacking habits have been changed to yogurt, trail mix, granola and veggie platters.

“It’s the worst.”

That does sound pretty sad. But it stands to reason that, if there’s any time in life to scarf down the junk food, it would be when the daily routine also includes tons of running and playing basketball to burn it all off. Wasn’t that Charles Barkley‘s approach?

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