Jermichael FinleySometimes, people are the worst.

There were plenty of people being the worst on Monday morning while using a very volatile combination of combustible elements — fantasy sports, social media and an injury.

In case you haven’t heard, Packers tight end Jermichael Finley was injured Sunday, and that caused a very scary scene in Green Bay. The tight end took a shot to the head after making a catching in Green Bay’s eventual win over Cleveland, and he lay motionless on the field. Teammates gathered, and even said that Finley wasn’t able to move. He was eventually stretchered off the field and taken to a hospital.

If you believe an ESPN report that came out Monday morning, it’s a pretty dire situation. The Worldwide Leader reported that Finley had suffered a neck injury and was actually in an intensive care unit for treatment.

You don’t get any bigger examples of how some things are bigger than sports than that. But there were still some who not only can’t spot the difference between real-life situations and sports, they can’t even see the line between actual life and fantasy sports. While Finley and his family worried about his well being, there were plenty of chuckleheads who took to Twitter to lament the affect the loss of Finley has on their fantasy football team. You know, fantasy. As in not real.

At the admitted risk of sounding sanctimonious, maybe we should cool it on the fantasy football thoughts when there’s a guy in the hospital?

In fairness and in the interest of full disclosure, here are a couple of things: Finley is on my fantasy team. I’m also a fan of the Packers. So I was really bummed to see him go down. I’m a functioning human, though, and upon seeing how serious this might be, I put it into perspective. It sucks a lot more to be Jermichael Finley or a family member of his than it does to be me right now.

These folks have forgotten that apparently.

Probably in best taste to avoid “death” jokes when a guy is reportedly in the ICU, bud.

A man went to the hospital, but you’re the one with the bad luck. And it’s all because of your draft.

Is this satire? I hope this is satire. Has to be, right?

Ultimate humblebrag.

Yet another example of … oh, wait. Add Jeremy Pink to the group of people who can separate fantasy and real life. Well done, sir.


Thoughts and prayers for you, man. Thoughts and prayers for you.

One man may have broken his neck. The other may have shredded his knee. But you’re the real victim here, Pizz Daddy, he of the narrow fantasy football defeat.

You’re not tweeting that from a hospital bed, are you? Because that would be really bad luck.

Your life really sucks, huh?

A lot of people take the ability to walk for granted.

You’re the worst.