John Farrell Remarks Red Sox ‘Have Forced a Couple of Throws to Third Base, Tonight Was a Costly Throw’ (Video)



John Farrell confirmed what most fans were thinking after a controversial obstruction call led to the Cardinals walking away with the Game 3 victory, saying “that’s a tough way to have a game end, particularly of this significance.”

After grinding their way back into the ballgame, the Red Sox left the field stunned and confused, watching the replays of Allen Craig and Will Middlebrooks getting tangled near third base. It was a “tough pill to swallow” as Farrell described the game-ending play, but he doesn’t think there was anything else that his third baseman could have done to prevent the call.

“I don’t know how he gets out of the way when he’s lying on the ground,” Farrell said in his postgame press conference.

What led to Middlebrooks laying on the ground, however, may be at the heart of the dispute. An errant throw in Game 2 of the series contributed to a three-run seventh inning for the Cardinals, leading them to take the game at Fenway. Jarrod Saltalamacchia‘s throw to Middlebrooks in Game 3 will be debated, but Farrell pinpointed that whether it was a necessary or unnecessary toss to third, it hurt them on Saturday.

“We have forced a couple of throws to third base that have proved costly,” Farrell said. “Tonight was a costly throw.”

Check out the above video to hear more from Farrell.

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