Jonny Gomes Knocks Sabermetrics, Says ‘You Want Me to Go to War With’ After Red Sox’ World Series Win (Video)


Jonny Gomes isn’t your conventional impact player, at least not by statistical standards. But this postseason he proved that impact can’t always be measured by numbers.

Gomes hit just .143 this postseason, even going hitless in the first three games of the World Series, causing many sabermetricians to question why the utility outfielder was still in the Red Sox’ starting lineup. But Gomes disregarded all the chatter and statistics, proving to make his biggest contributions when it mattered most.

The Red Sox were amazingly 10-1 in games that Gomes started during the playoffs and got on base twice during Boston’s Game 6 win at Fenway Park on Wednesday night. So, after the win, Gomes had a message for those doubters and statisticians.

“There’s a lot of sabermetrics, there’s a lot of numbers and stuff. The whole WAR stat. But when you go to playoffs, you want me to go to war with.”

Check out Gomes’ entire interview with FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal in the video below.

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