Kevin Garnett and Jason Kidd are separated by only three years in age, and Garnett made his NBA debut almost one year to the day after Kidd made his. Yet Kidd is now on the sideline and Garnett is playing for him in Brooklyn.

On the first episode of the rebooted TV show NBA Inside Stuff, Garnett will join host Grant Hill to talk about his big hopes for this season. The Nets underwent drastic changes this offseason, adding Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry, along with stud reserve Andrei Kirilenko.

With Kidd as a rookie coach, Garnett has taken it upon himself to make Kidd’s job easier.

“I’m honored to be part of his first year, so hopefully we can make this a successful year for him — for all of us,” Garnett tells Hill. “I’m trying to be whatever he needs me to be for this team.”

Garnett also shared some memories from his first visit to Inside Stuff back in 1995, when he was just a rookie and his interviewer was Ahmad Rashad.

“That was like the first real interview I ever did,” Garnett said. “I couldn’t believe it. Like you said, I’d been a fan of the show, now I’m on it, it felt like a fairy tale. But once the work started, reality kind of set in.”

The show debuts Nov. 2. Hear more from Garnett in the videos below.