Some people take their sports too seriously. Or, in this case, some people just like looking for a fight.

Three people were stabbed last week at the Ba’runi Hotel & Grille in Baden, Pa., in an instance of sports trash talk taken way too far.

Michael Landeros and his nephew, Armando Encinas, were reportedly drinking at the Pittsburgh area establishment when they began engaging in heated arguments with fellow patrons. They debated whether LeBron James was better than Michael Jordan and expressed their distaste for the Steelers, Harmony Township police chief Jim Essek told WTAE, and Encinas began swinging a knife when police tried to defuse the situation.

None of the injuries are reportedly serious, and both culprits were arrested. Landeros was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and simple assault, and Encinas faces charges of attempted criminal homicide and aggravated assault.

Hear more in the video below, with a hat tip to For the Win.