Lindsey Vonn Says She Trusts Tiger Woods Will Be Faithful to Her


Tiger Woods wasn’t exactly the epitome of of a faithful partner in his last relationship, but this time things are apparently different.

Woods has been dating Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn for the better part of 2013, and the gold medalist seems to trust Woods even for all his past misgivings. Vonn met with some fans and members of the media near her home in Vail, Colo., recently, and she was briefly asked about her relationship with Woods and any potential issues with trust in their relationship. She was rightly taken aback by the question but didn’t seem at all worried about Woods being faithful, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

?Ah, I don?t know,? Vonn said. ?That?s kind of a weird question. But, aah, I mean, you have to trust the person that you?re with and we?re happy and that?s all.?

Vonn, 29, is gearing up for the Winter Olympics, which are now only a few months away. During the summer, though, she was spotted at many of Woods’ golf tournaments, including recently at the Presidents Cup, where she got into a little bit of trouble with her golf cart — fortunately, Amy Mickelson was there to help her out. It seems that’s the only real trouble she’s had over the past few months.

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