spotlightforrealOne high school football team in Louisiana won’t be winning any sportsmanship awards this year.

According to the Shreveport Times, the undefeated, No. 5 ranked team in the state, Destrehan High School, is being investigated by the Louisiana High School Athletic Association for a possible cheating scheme.

The Destrehan staff reportedly got their hands on an opponent’s username and password information prior to their matchup. is a website that houses game film, practice film, schemes and play books for football teams. The coaching staff then allegedly spent hours looking over South LaFourche’s page on the site, and on Friday, Destrehan defeated its league opponent, 49-24.

“We’ve never dealt with anything like this before,” LHSAA executive director Kenny Henderson told The Times on Tuesday. “We’re doing an investigation and I can’t tell you more than that because it’s an ongoing investigation and, honestly, I just don’t know what to tell you.”

It is unclear if the scandal extends to more teams, but while the LHSAA continues its investigation, LaFourche will seek a forefit for the Oct. 25 loss.

Photo via Twitter/@WGNOtv

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