Metta World Peace Says Paul Pierce Is Best Trash-Talker in NBA, Calls Former Celtic ‘Just So Tough’


Paul Pierce, Ron ArtestIt looks like Kevin Garnett wasn’t the only Celtic from the new “Big Three” era who could talk some noise.

In a typically entertaining Q&A with the New York Post, Metta World Peace names Paul Pierce as the best trash-talker in the NBA. That is something of a surprise, given that the 15-year veteran has never been known for yapping as much as teammates like Garnett and Antoine Walker.

But according to World Peace, not only is Pierce the best trash-talker, he’s also the only trash-talker remaining in the league.

From the Post:

Q: Who’s the best trash talker in the NBA?

A: Paul Pierce is the only one left.

Q: Is he good?

A: He’s the best.

Q: What about Kevin Garnett?

A: Paul Pierce is the best.

Q: You used to dominate him, correct?

A: But I never talked trash, I’m not a trash talker.

Q: Tell me about your matchups with him.

A: It was wars. It was competitive. I love Paul. I love playing against Paul. He’s just so tough, he’s just so tough.

World Peace also said he wrote a book about the infamous Pacers-Pistons brawl and that he is “dysfunctional.” Never change, Metta.

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