Mike Milbury Goes Off After Loui Eriksson Hit, Says John Scott, Ron Rolston Should Be ‘Out of This League’ (Video)


NBC hockey analyst Mike Milbury spoke Wednesday night about how the NHL has no place for goons like Buffalo’s John Scott — during the pregame show.

Having already ripped Scott before puck drop as a thug who brings nothing to the table but fists and dirty play, Milbury was practically livid postgame after Loui Eriksson became the latest victim of a cheap shot from the Sabres enforcer.

“This guy is a predator,” Milbury said after the game. “He was put out there to seek and destroy, and in this case, with his team down two goals [Boston led 4-2 at the time], he destroyed a pretty good player well after he’d released the puck. He was looking for trouble; he’s been looking for trouble every shift he’s been on the ice because he can’t do much of anything else.

“He should be fired. It should be the guy who owns the team, who keeps the general manager accountable, who says, ‘Get this guy off the roster. He doesn’t belong in the National Hockey League.’ … It’s an embarrassment to me that this franchise has sunk so low.”

Milbury’s criticism wasn’t limited to Scott, however. He also called out Sabres head coach Ron Rolston, whom he says should have known better than to put a player like Scott on the ice in that type of situation.

“The talk in Buffalo is that [Rolston] is in over his head. I’ll tell you right now, he’s way over his head. In fact, he’s drowning,” Milbury said. “That’s a bush league play by a coach that doesn’t know any better and doesn’t have enough experience in the league and shouldn’t be afforded another game — not one. That’s an embarrassment to the league and to the Buffalo Sabres, and I’m saddened by it.”

Hear Milbury’s full rant in the video below.

Click here to see what John Scott said about the hit on Thursday>>

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