Milan Lucic, Shawn Thornton Get Excited About David Ortiz’s Game 2 Home Run (Audio)


David OrtizBOSTON — The Bruins have made no secret that they’re fans of the Red Sox, and just like everyone else, they’re eager to watch the Sox in the World Series.

So it worked out for them Thursday night when David Krejci scored with 0.8 seconds remaining in regulation to beat the San Jose Sharks and avoid overtime. Following the exciting win, the Bruins had Game 2 of the World Series playing on the projection screen in the dressing room.

Bruins winger Shawn Thornton was watching intently as David Ortiz came to the plate in the sixth inning with the Red Sox trailing 1-0.

“Come on big man,” Thornton said.

A few feet away, Milan Lucic was in the middle of answering a question from reporters about his line’s improving play. Lucic’s stall faces the screen head-on, and he kept sneaking a look at the screen in between questions and answers.

As Ortiz swung and lifted a ball to left field, Lucic abruptly stopped talking. He looked up, and saw Ortiz’s ball fly over the Green Monster. That brought on jubilation from he and Thornton.

Hear Lucic cut himself off (and Thornton celebrating in the background) in the audio clip below.

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