The Pro Bowl is going to have a different feel this year, with the NFL making significant changes to the rules and format of the game. Apparently that’s not all that will be different, though.

The NFL released the new Pro Bowl jerseys for this year’s game, and they have a pretty strong neon theme. In the past, the two teams have worn a variation of the classic red and blue jerseys, which symbolized their respective conferences. With the new player draft eliminating the conference ties and giving the game more of a street-ball feel, the NFL decided it was time to give the uniforms a makeover, too.

The AFC will be sporting the road whites with a neon orange trim. Meanwhile, the NFC will be donning an almost charcoal grey uniform with neon green undertones. With the bold new color schemes, it almost looks like Oregon and Oklahoma State will be the ones taking the field in Honolulu.

Check out some photos of the new jerseys below.




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Photos via Facebook/NFL League Office