Red Sox Fan Says He Quit His Job to Go to Game 1 of World Series, Will ‘Find Something New’ for Work (Video)


First of all, what is a Red Sox fan doing selling furniture in upstate New York? Second, good call quitting your job, man. You can move to Boston if you want, too.

Gino Marcello of Rochester, N.Y., is out a job but not an experience he’ll remember for the rest of his life after quitting his job¬†as a furniture salesman to make the trek to Boston for the World Series, according to

Marcello wanted to go to Game 1, but his boss gave him trouble about missing work. So, Marcello quit.

“He said I couldn’t take off this week because I didn’t get him enough notice,” Marcello said. “I told him I wasn’t coming in. And here I am.”

Marcello not only showed up at Fenway Park but also brought a huge sign, and he was feeling pretty Zen about the decision.

“I’ll find something new,” he said. “It’s worth it.”

A pal he brought along was also skipping out — but just on a biology test.

Check out the intrepid souls in the video and tweet below.

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