Tiger WoodsIt was strange when EA Sports announced that the 2015 version of its golf game, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, was being canceled for the first time since 1998. But now it makes a little more sense.

As well as giving developers time to get the 2016 version tuned up for new consoles, the stalling also helps EA Sports with a pretty major move: The company has announced it is moving on from branding the game with Woods’ name.

Eric Fisher of Sports Business Journal reports EA Sports is “discontinuing” its relationship with Woods, and its next golf game will be without him.

While many other brands associated with Woods ditched the golf star a few years ago when his life was in shambles, the relationship with EA Sports continued. At this point, though, the shift is likely the same as why other companies have found it easy to go on without Woods: He’s no longer the dominant force in golf.