Robert Griffin III Called Out by Young Table Tennis Players After Saying He Can Play Olympic Ping-Pong (Video)


Had he not given up track to pursue a career the the NFL, Robert Griffin III could very well have been talented enough to represent the United States in the Olympics.

His life is dedicated to football now, but he has not given up on the Olympic dream.

?My dream is to be in the Olympics and represent the United States of America,? Griffin said in a USAA video published last week. ?So [as a teenager] I was preparing for my dream. … I would definitely want to still fulfill my dream of going to the Olympics. Someway, somehow. Maybe it?s track, maybe it?s badminton, maybe it?s Ping-Pong. I?ll find a way to get to the Olympics.?

Whoa. Ping-Pong? You may want to reconsider that pursuit, Robert.

A few days after Griffin’s video was posted, a group of four teenage table tennis players published a video of their own. The video, entitled “A Response to RGIII,” aimed to show the Redskins quarterback just how difficult the world of competitive Ping-Pong is.

We’re not sure how talented RGIII is in the art of table tennis, but it looks like he would need some serious training to even earn a point against these young guns.

Check out the video below, with a paddle tap to DC Sports Blog.

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