Steelers Coordinator Todd Haley, Wife Owe Missouri Dog Sitter $10,090, Challenge Court Ruling Telling Them to Pay


October 11, 2013

Todd Haley spotlightTodd Haley has quickly become one of the most infamous names in sports, and while his private life slowly leaks to the public, the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator is probably wondering who let the dogs out.

It’s one thing not to pay a bill, but in a league where Michael Vick was once the biggest criminal for abusing dogs, anything involving man’s best friend simply can’t fly. That’s why it’s no surprise news of the latest Haley fiasco is catching fire along the news wire.

A man named Nick Fiscante is claiming the Haleys made a contract with him to watch their dogs when the couple left Kansas City last year. Fiscante runs a business watching pets, and while the Haleys made an initial payment, he claims they still owe him a balance of $10,090. After not receiving any further payments, Fiscante took the Haleys to court, and when they didn’t show up to a hearing in August, the court magistrate sided with Fiscante. Haley’s wife, Christine, has since denied ever having a contract with Fiscante and challenged the payment ruling, stating that Fiscante ?does not have a boarding license and runs an illegal and filthy facility.?


Of course, if the Steelers start winning, all of this will likely be water under the bridge, but for now Haley is stuck in the deep end.

Typically when bills aren’t paid, something — electricity, heat, cable, etc. — gets shut off. If Todd Haley doesn’t pay his kennel bill, who’s to say Fiscante hasn’t let his pets run free?

At least Haley finally knows who let the dogs out. Maybe the Steelers could win more games if he wasn’t busy looking for them.

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