Tim Montana Remakes ‘These Beards Came Here to Party’ Featuring Lyrics About Boston, Red Sox Highlights (Video)


Tim Montana Bill Gibbons editWho knew beards could be this fun? With all due respect to Johnny Damon and any Duck Dynasty fans out there, the Red Sox have revolutionized the term “bearded bandits.”

With unworldly facial flow that has Yankee fans sick and their late owner George Steinbrenner likely rolling over in his grave, the Red Sox have brought Boston back onto their bandwagon with all of their bodacious beards. Aside from the national attention the bearded bunch has received from sports media, the music world has officially hopped onto the bandwagon, too.

Tim Montana, an artist who describes his music as “some kind of strange hybrid rock ‘n’ roll mixed with outlaw country and grunge” recently recorded a song with one of his heroes — ZZ Top lead singer and guitarist Bill Gibbons. The new hit single titled These Beards Came Here To Party is about exactly what the title suggests: beards and the parties that come with them. Gibbons is no stranger to beards, as ZZ Top band members are famous for their superfluous chin flow that at times has even extended as far down as their bellies, so its no surprise the two latched onto the Red Sox and decided to remake the song about Boston’s hometown heroes.

The entire video is loaded with Red Sox highlights, shots of Boston landmarks, and tons of bearded fans going bananas for their beloved bearded boys. The second verse is where the main remake comes in and is entirely devoted to beards.

The video speaks for itself, but for fans out there that are clean-shaven, now’s the time to let your inner caveman free. After all, as Montana sings in the song, “there’s a doormat hanging off your chin and damn, that’s cool.”

Enough said. Check out what will likely be your new favorite song below.

[mlbvideo id=”31170791″ width=”640″ height=”480″ /]

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