Todd Helton Says Jim Irsay ‘Just Wants to Be Famous,’ Hopes Peyton Manning ‘Steps on [Colts’] Throat’ (Video)


Someone from outside the football world weighed in on the supposed Jim IrsayPeyton Manning feud on Thursday, and he was in no way kind to the Colts owner.

Recently retired Rockies first baseman Todd Helton, a former college teammate and longtime friend of Manning’s, said on’s The Press Box that he hopes the quarterback crushes the Colts this weekend in his first trip back to Indianapolis.

“I hope he steps on their neck and doesn’t let up,” Helton said. “That’s what I hope for, especially after that idiot, whatever you call him, spouting off his mouth.”

Irsay said Tuesday that the decision to release Manning following the 2011 season was a result of the team’s decision to value Super Bowl rings — Manning had just one in his 14 seasons in Indy — over regular-season success. These comments infuriated Helton, who said that Irsay is jealous of the attention that has been heaped on Manning in Denver.

“Yeah, I have a real problem with that,” he said. “I think he should shut his mouth personally. It’s getting me a little riled up.

“I think the guy [Irsay], just wants to be famous, so he gets one little shot for somebody to know what his name is. To me, that’s just classless. I hope Peyton goes back and steps on their throat.”

He’ll get his chance Sunday night.

Hear more of what Helton had to say in the video below.

Helton photo via Facebook/Todd Helton

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